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WCRSA Reached Mega Network Status

Our mission statement- We are a network of successful REALTORS, advancing women as professionals and leaders in business, the industry and the communities we serve. 

How that is being achieved is the reason for our success this year. We have focused on our education, camaraderie and thrown in a bit of fun. We have collaborated with other networks to help our members grow their referral relationships. We have hosted a dinner for the national executive line that was open only to members, again allowing for those referral relationships to begin. And we will have the opportunity to strengthen those connections as we attend the many events scheduled at the TAR/WCR fall convention. 


Fostering a good referral partner does not come from just choosing a name from a list. It is the one on one connections that make these relationships golden. If your client likes and is loyal to you then they are most likely to react the same way with a referral partner that is "like" you. As an organization, we provide our members the opportunities to find those partnerships.


This year has also presented opportunities for us to establish relationships with an incredible number of new and solid strategic partners and sponsors for our events. These again are relationships that are strengthened by one on one communication to find those that you, as an agent, feel most comfortable with to nurture and take care of your clients throughout a transaction. Many affiliates will visit with agents over coffee in an attempt to gain business; however, once they have the agent’s business the personal relationship often dwindles to a few hellos in public. Our Women's Council partners show up AND listen to the issues, our concerns and appreciate our positive feedback. At WCR San Antonio we are creating a team that promises to work together and is available for our entire membership to use.


We just had the most successful new member orientation and introduction to WCR that we have had in years. We had more than 50 people attend the orientation and another 15 or 20 show up to the mixer that followed, and Embers proved to be a fabulous facility. This event brought 7 new members and some furor to obtain the top Strategic partner spots for 2019.


Speaking of 2019, I am excited to say that the applications are in and our review committee will be discussing all the candidates for Executive line positions next year. Elections are set for Sept 18th at 2:00 PM, with location TBD due to our continued membership growth. There is some incredible new talent running for positions along with some current line members that have been a vital part of our growth looking to move up. Under the leadership of Carmen Soto next year, this group will soar.

Save the following dates: September 6 – Women’s Council 80th Anniversary celebration during WCR/TAR meeting; September 7-10 – WCR/TAR Annual Conference in downtown San Antonio; September 18 (2-4 PM) 2019 Elections: Oct (date TBD) - Boos Cruise (Bus tour of haunted San Antonio establishments (including a drink stop) for MEMBERS ONLY; December 5 – Installation of 2019 Governing Board

Follow us on Facebook at Women's Council San Antonio or to get information on future events, membership and national referral database, email us at wcr.communications@gmail.com.  Women's Council San Antonio is Bringing it Back! Come Join Us!

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