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The Newest NewsSource -- October 1st Issue

Happy Monday, everyone! 

Didn't think those two words could ever be used in the same sentence, did you?  

In case you missed it, the newest issue was put out on Saturday, October 1st! Whether you read it online or in print, we're happy to have you reading. But we want to know something. In Cathey Meyer's newest column about the irony of wires and their current relevance despite the release of Apple's wireless ear buds, the AirPods, we were wondering your take on all that. What else have you been noticing about the newest technology that is presently paraded -- especially with Christmas only being two months away (sorry to have brought that up)? We looked up some reviews on these ear bugs -- er, buds -- and turns out they're not doing so well. Personally, we would think that it would indeed be easier to lose those things. One of our staff members would lose their own head if it wasn't attached to their body. So imagine those ear buds in their hands! 

Have you already bought the iPhone 7 with the wireless ear buds? How does this tech help you as an agent or REALTOR? Any tips for your fellow colleagues? Comment below! 

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