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How To Survive the Spring Real Estate Rush

How has the Spring Rush been treating you so far? Or has it simply not hit you yet? If you are feeling it, chances are that things are only going to get heavier as the time passes on into summer. How can you maintain your head and still sell like a boss during this crazy time in real estate? We have gathered four tips to help with the spring insanity.

Tip #1: Be organized!

This is by far the most important tip that anyone could give. Organization is the key to being productive at max capacity for any realtor, broker, or other affiliated person. Realtors and agents are stereotypically known for doubling their office with their car, but it is imperative to have some sort of system that works well. Each person is different, so while your alphabetized file carrier in the backseat may work well for you, perhaps carrying a tablet with all your PDFs would suit better. Look at other successful people and their own systems for inspiration, and give it a good solid go. Don’t try it for a week and then give up because one thing got lost (unless it’s essential for a transaction. In which case, that might need its own system). This might require some trial and error, but eventually, you may be the next Barbara Corcoran.
Also, don’t be afraid of technology! It can be your best ally. Some of the best apps you can use immediately for business would be:

  • Trello
    • Almost like electronic sticky notes, these are cards you can make, categorize, and share with others. You can assign tasks, give updates, and communicate efficiently with one another about projects that need to be completed.
  • Google Drive
    • Store documents and other important computer files for on the go.
  • Wunderlist
    • A list app that makes to-do lists organized and efficient. The easy check option is great.
  • Asana
    • Collaboration made easy and effective. You can also include your clients in your own timeline, giving them a sense of ease with the relay of information. No more pointless phone calls with update needs on a house transaction
  • DocuSign or some other related signing app
    • Imagine instead of pulling out papers and searching desperately for a pen, using your tablet and a finger to sign those escrows and sending them off to the right person through email quickly and efficiently. Not only do you look tech savvy, you save money.
  • iCal or Tiny Calendar
    • Schedule appointments without having to forget them. With the most recent updates, these two apps ensure that you are reminded of everything you would need for that lunch meeting.
  • Pocket 
    • This app is available on mobile and desktop (full disclosure: RENewsSource’s Digital Marketing Manager’s Favorite). This works for helping feed your content monster through your social media platforms.

It may take a little effort, but it’s well worth it in the long run to utilize all the tech that’s out there for you to use.

Tip #2 – Stay Informed!

Realtors and agents know they have to have continuing education credits to remain relevant – and keep their licenses. Yet, do you educate yourself outside those CE classes? How are you going to be able to answer that client’s tough question about the economy and their local housing initiative? How do you know what HUD’s doing in DC and its effects on your local market?
The only answer is to stay informed of affairs that relate to you: economically, politically, locally, simply to name a few. How can you stay informed in this information rich age we live in where there are millions of people spouting different things that may – or may not – be true?

  • Subscribe to Real Estate NewsSource’s email list and social media channels 
    • Yes, shameless plug here, but our columnists and writers work to make sure that you remain informed about the happenings of not only your locale but also the country. Policies made in DC may have a greater effect at home than they do as a whole. RENEwsSource will keep you informed on news of which you need to be aware.  
  • Subscribe to Google Alerts  
    • Google Alerts has been an editorial favorite here at the NewsSource. We get these alerts daily and that’s what honestly makes up a majority of the content we share on our social media channels. You get an email every day about a subject that has the keywords you want with relevant articles to read. Want to save it for later? Use Pocket and read them whenever!
  • Use your social media networks to your advantage
    • Someone might know something that you don’t and can explain it to you easily. These are the people you want to keep in your network as a resource. Even the famous business people have someone in their network that can inform them about matters they may not be knowledgeable about, but just as foundational to their business. They have the info: use their knowledge to benefit, and inform them of yours to provide a mutual exchange. Don’t be afraid to private message people you follow for advice. They would be flattered!

Tip #3 – Have a marketing strategy and stick with it!

You can see a trend here.  Nobody can afford to go in blindly – and the business environment has changed so much that the old ways are dated and not as effective for your return on investment. Social media and digital marketing will be the best bets here. Use the tech apps previously listed here to create a plan that works well for you. Trello can be indispensable about this.

This also includes a strategy for lead generation, possibly the hardest part of working for yourself. And this may also be the most important. This is inspiring a post later on about lead generation, but a useful tactic to look at is to do is Twitter messaging. This has been labeled effective at getting to know potential clients, but one word of advice: don’t treat it like a cold call. That’s the quickest way to have someone turned off by what you offer.

Super Secret Tip #4 – Take time for yourself

It may seem a little counterintuitive, but you must take time for yourself. Breaks are important. If your life is all work and no play, then you’ll be another statistic in the burn-outs category. Go for a walk in between meetings. Listen to a great audiobook. Science informs us that even taking 10 minutes for a short walk changed brain chemistry to boost endorphins and perhaps give a new perspective on a problem you’ve been trying to fix.

Hope this helps you in the spring rush! What helps you during this busy time? Comment below! 

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