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How To Survive This Holiday Season

Peer Approved Methods for Getting Through The Holidays

As we set to gather around a table to remember the importance of family this season, we look at our in-laws and relatives and wonder how it came to this. Uncle Joey drank too much wine – again – and is arguing with your brother over politics. Mom has her face buried in her hands as your young niece and nephew are throwing gravy bombs at one another. Your Cousin Suzy is totally ignoring her kids as she chats up your Auntie Bee about something she really has no business speaking about. Dad is quietly trying to take some of that green bean casserole he knows quite well that she shouldn’t have.  And there you are, trying to remain in a state of zen when your “love for the extravagant” sister pops in with her pet snake and demands everyone’s attention while she sings something from an avant-garde musical you’ve never heard of.  And you continue to stare listlessly at the wall, hoping that this is all some Alice in Wonderland-esque dream that you’ll wake from and be in bed with football on the television.

For many, this is a reality. If you’re one of these people that experience the holidays like this, here’s some advice to survive. Here are a few things you can do based on polling of your fellow peers.

  • “Remember it’s only one day, and you can get through it.”
    • It truly is one day out of the year… unless you're in a place where WiFi is in short supply. In which case, you might want to feign sickness this time and sit it out. It is indeed flu and cold season, so pulling this off would be simple. No one wants to be around someone who’s sniffling, coughing, and drinking Dayquil like it’s water.
  • “Get a general pessimistic attitude and correct everyone on everything even if you’re wrong.”
    • This might excuse you from all future family gatherings if done correctly. Whether that’s a good thing or not is up to you. Just be wary that this might cause your significant other to excuse you to the couch.  
  • “Do it 6 months from now when no one expects it.”
    • From our northern neighbors in Canada, I have to admit, it is quite clever. Although that would likely land on Father's Day, which might create a conflict of interest with steak and grilling. I suppose you could grill a turkey or smoke one….
  • “Don’t die.”
  • “Use work as an excuse to avoid the whole thing.”
    • Raise your hands if you have used work as an excuse to get out of anything family or socially related. Realtors and agents, it may seem unlikely that someone would call you on a big holiday to see/show a house, but if I have learned anything, the life of real estate can be unpredictable. Maybe you can use that to your advantage. You wish you could see Aunt Darla’s… “darling” little dog again, but really, you have to work. Sorry, you’re not sorry.
  • And lastly, and most popularly – “Alcohol.”  
    • Many of your suggestions reflected this, especially if your holidays are anything like what you read in the beginning. Have a great cocktail you wouldn’t mind sharing with the rest of your fellow realtors? Suggestion on a wine or beer? Let us know!

Do you have any other suggestions? Comment on what we missed that helps you get through the holidays. Don't forget to share and spread the message to others that may be having a hard time right now.

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