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How To Make A Good Introduction for Work in Real Estate

It has probably happened to you at one time or another that, when you were with a friend who met someone they knew (but that you didn’t), they began to carry on a conversation with them as if you were not present. Your friend may just have avoided making introductions because they were unsure of how it is done properly. Being immediately introduced to the other party would have shown you respect and consequently have brought you into the conversation. Neglecting to make an introduction usually leaves you feeling ignored and if it continues it may just fall to you to introduce yourself to the new person so you can overcome the isolation and join in the conversation.

Making introductions the proper way in a business setting can establish an environment of respect that could help relationships get one started off in the right direction and could also serve to establish you as being an individual who is prepared, confident and in control. It is especially important that one knows the proper way to not only introduce others but to know how to introduce themselves in any situation. And now, compared to those very restrictive introduction requirements of the past, the rules today are relatively easy to follow.

Handling introductions often depend upon the setting or situation, be it formal or casual, business or social. The general formula is simple: first, name the person you wish to honor and/or respect and then introduce others to them. Honor your elders by introducing the younger to the older; show deference to women by introducing the man to woman and in business respect those with higher positions by introducing those who have a lower rank to those that have a higher rank.

In almost all cases you should be standing to make an introduction, so if you are sitting at a table with another and are approached by someone you know, it is proper to rise, greet them, and confidently make the appropriate introductions. Always speak clearly and make eye contact with each party when making introductions and be certain that you have the names (first and last) and their titles correct, and always try to add some pertinent information about each person during the introduction. As an example, let us say that you are seated at a table with your employee when you are approached by a gentleman that you know. You stand up and you say, “Hello, Jack, it’s good to see you!” You then turn toward your employee and say, “Dr. Jack Jones is the Medical Advisor for CCC Productions, and Jack, I’d like you to meet Mr. Arnold Smith, my Assistant Producer.”

In business situations it is more important to use surnames and to always introduce those of lower rank to those of higher rank regardless of either’s gender or age, to always introduce a business associate, regardless of their rank, age or gender to your client or customer and, in a situation where business associates are of equal rank, to always introduce the one you do not know as well to the one you know better. In social situations surnames are not as important and when making introductions between individuals and groups always introduce one or more individual(s) to the group and then name each member of the group for the benefit of the individuals. “Everybody, this is Jane and Jane, this is everybody,” is not acceptable!

And then there is the question of what you can do when introductions are in order, but you find you have forgotten the name of one of the parties. Do you take a chance by saying, “Do you two know each other?” and then wait, hoping and praying they will go ahead and introduce themselves. But what if they just say, “No,” and wait? It might have been better for you to have owned up initially and said something like, “I’m sorry, please remind me of your name again so I may introduce you.” These are situations where it would have been better for you to have been prepared before they occurred.

Want to learn more about introductions in general and experience good examples of proper introductions? Want to learn how to introduce yourself to others and how to do a proper handshake? Then, perhaps you may want to enroll in a Business Etiquette course like the one currently available at Champions School of Real Estate. 

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