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How To Get Into Real Estate Investing

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BY: Pat Farrell

As REALTORS® and Affiliates we recognize that we work within one of the most active industries in Texas, and in the best real estate market in the country, but perhaps we do not take full advantage of all that is so readily available to us. We work hard to ensure that our seller client gets the best price possible for their home when they sell and that our buyer client gets the home that meets their needs for the best possible value. And we frequently encounter investors anxious to find properties that will not only allow them to earn some extra money but could also offer them an opportunity to help people facing distressful situations.

During my 40 years in the business I have often thought about personally investing in real estate, just as my investor clients do, but realized that I had no idea how to get started nor how, with the few financial resources I have available, to handle the financial aspects of that type of transaction. One can find a lot of “get rich quick flipping houses – let me show you just how easy it is” invitations floating around so it is important to find a valid resource for that information. 

It’s the ugly, distressed, wholly owned, vacant, cash flow-positive properties that are the best investments. They are out there for your picking, but it’s not as simple as finding a property in the MLS and buying it. You need to do some hard work, research and make smart, educated decisions to acquire the best real estate investments! The San Antonio Real Estate Investors Association (SAREIA) might be a good place for you to learn how you can find and take advantage of available properties that could help you expand your income potential.

SAREIA regularly holds monthly meetings on the first Tuesday of each month at the Norris Center from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (due to the holiday September’s meeting will be held on Wednesday the 5th) to which anyone is cordially invited to attend. SAREIA also helps sponsor a major Investment EXPO annually where you could learn if the investing business is for you. SAREIA’s current President is Real Estate Attorney, Broker & Investor Victor M. Maas who has been working diligently behind the scenes to provide a meaningful experience during this fifth EXPO for all those who are or might be, interested in investing in real estate.

This year the 5th Annual Texas Real Estate Investors Expo will be held on October 6th at the Norris Center - located in the Park North Shopping Center, 618 Northwest Loop 410 #207, San Antonio, TX 78216 – from 8 AM – 5 PM. Advanced registration for SAREIA members is free and general admission is $29, however, neither will include the breakfast or lunch offered. The upgrade to VIP Admission is only $59 and includes VIP seating, continental breakfast, and lunch. Registration at the door on the day of the event is $79.

The purpose of the EXPO is to help real estate investors of all levels advance their knowledge by introducing them to industry experts and top investing speakers. This will be a one-day packed event that will benefit all those interested in real estate investing. There will be ample marketing and advertising to draw in huge crowds and make it a wonderful learning experience for all attending. In addition, several Real Estate Investor Clubs from throughout Texas will also be in attendance. The EXPO brings in real estate experts from all over the country to one location and provides an opportunity for someone exploring investing to (1) determine if the ins and outs of investing could work for them, (2) learn the costs that might be involved in such an undertaking, and (3) find out what resources are available for securing the money to help with the investment. But, whether you are new to the game or an experienced investor you won’t want to miss the EXPO where you can connect with experienced, industry-leading minds, meet premiere vendors and attend educational sessions that could move your career forward.

Throughout the day there will be a dozen or so expert speakers offering a variety of investment-related topics, some of which will include speakers like Dwan Twyford, who started as a broke, single mom, and now heads up “The Investors Edge University” - a company that specializes in training new and seasoned investors in a wide range of real estate investing techniques through live workshops, weekly webinars, a member site, and seminars. Having flipped over 2,000 deals herself she is more than qualified to share her vast knowledge of “How to Flip Contracts.” John Jackson, who began leasing to buy more than 15 years ago, has since completed some 600 such transactions and will address, “Lease Options” and may actually share how to duplicate his business model.

Abhinav Gupt, CEO of Real Acquisitions.Com, A.G., noted for his expertise in structuring un-conventional and creative Real Estate transactions and known for addressing how to adapt to the changing work of Real Estate investments and attract many new as well seasoned investors, will be discussing “Finding 70% Discounted Homes.” Taking a different approach, Brad Sumrok, wh had been working in the corporate world, tried his hand at investing in apartments, and 3 years later, with great success, retired to enjoy a more relaxed life that included time for family and travel. Brad now spends much of his time teaching others to invest successfully and at the EXPO will address “Multi-family Investing.  And, with nearly two decades of experience in the real estate industry, Romney Navarro, is the founder of the Investment Real Estate Roundtable which now has more than 4,000 members in the five major metro areas of Texas. Today, Romney oversees business development, underwriting and closing for Noble Capital’s loan originations division, Streamline Funding, and is the co-host of The Noble Capital Radio Hour and the host of Streamline Funding’s upcoming FireStarters podcast. Appropriately enough, his topic will be “Raising Capital.”

In addition to the enlightening educational programs, there will be a whole host of exhibitors to make you aware of various products and services, and to assist with your investments through information like how to obtain "hard money" financing for your projects. Real estate investing may or may not be in your future, but it could be to your advantage to learn what it entails and to discover all of the assistance available if you are currently interested or might later consider venturing into that field. Gaining this knowledge could also enable you to more effectively advise your investor clients. The EXPO is intended to be a major investor event and should prove to be exceptionally informative. Whether you are an experienced investor, new to the game or planning to start your investing career you won’t want to miss the Real Estate Investing EXPO, connect with experienced, industry-leading minds, meet premiere vendors and attend educational sessions that could help launch your career forward. For any questions about registration, please call SAREIA at (210) 501-0897 or email info@sareia.com. 

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