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High Time For The Holidays

Photo by Echo Grid on Unsplash

Welcome to the holiday seasons. Halloween has just passed, the Day of the Dead rears her skeletal head today, and the grand traditions of Thankless-giving and the various seasonal December family rumbles are soon to be decorating our doors. The older we get and more our ‘immediate’ families expand and blend, the more we need a coping mechanism to remain jovial, jolly and joyful.

Enter the adventurous spirit of my traveling companion. As a result of a recent trip to adult’s happiest place on earth, (a well-lit area in the Nevada desert) we are now in possession of some items that can lift your spirits, keep you giggling and get you isolated in a few remaining states. Our ‘stuff,’ according to him, contained the ingredients necessary to survive any family gathering. My traditional experience was as follows: When my spirits get lifted an adult beverage is involved; giggling usually meant the mean is about to explode

in the room, and the lucky ones got some time in isolation away from the fray. Having observed my family over the years, he is approaching this holiday season with a treasure chest of special edibles. In full disclosure, he did not obtain anything illegally; he just nudged the line a bit on delivery destination. In fuller disclosure, I am a willing accomplice in the procedures to make this holiday season one for the heavens.

On our trip, my companion’s requested a day of dispensary exploration. That is guy talk for shopping. When I agreed to this off the routine adventure, I failed to inquire what kind of shopping that involved. In my girl scout life, dispensary items were never in my shopping vernacular. My shop-ping trips to the gambling mecca of Nevada involve outlet malls and resale shoppes offing percentages off the retail price. As I quickly learned: First, dispensary’s do not offer any kind of sales price; Second, one only can purchase By contrast, the next room is a heavenly scented, low lit, music filled space with an unexpected line of shoppers waiting their turn to be served by a dispensary professional. No one is in a hurry. Everyone is in a great mood. The idea that this is a cash only shoppers paradise does make you think of suddenly becoming proficient in armed robbery, but the presence of armed guards has one rethinking that motive. Our dispensary professional was Charmaine. He patiently walked us through the purchase procedures, kindly searched for specifically requested items and happily bagged our selections in a lovely keep-sake bag. I could feel the joy of the holiday season unfolding before me. The remaining dispensary

shoppes were very similar and located at almost any strip center mall throughout the city. We did a day of comparison shopping and then headed back to the hotel to figure out what to do with our loot. The purchases were greater that our ability to sample the loot in the short remaining time of our vacation. In a moment of sanity, we decided no matter how carefully we packaged and camouflaged our medicinal goods, checked luggage might not be a smart transport.

For the record, I am not a fan or a user of dispensary products. I prefer my highs (and lows) originate in a glass bottle from a distillery. I like to keep my future options for glaucoma and other medical needs open and do not judge those who just need a little boast of happiness in a stressful situation. As such, I agreed to be an accomplice in getting the goods from point west to point central Texas.

Not to call out any ground transportation company, but when you hit the door just before closing time, no one really cares what is in your package. With a smile, a tip, no insurance and pre-filled labels, the ground transportation company accepted the package and cash payment. Arrival to the destination was on-time. Not to raise suspicion to pack-age contents, let us just note that we are high on desert shopping, service and customer satisfaction. This holiday season will be a ‘hit’ and we will enjoy our extended family as if it were our first high holiday.

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