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Don't Relax: Just Do It

Have Time? Invest It Now For Your Future

We all take this time off to be with friends and family and rightly so: it’s the holidays. This is what this time of year is for. Between Christmas – and this year, Hanukkah – and New Years, many take that whole week off for whatever purposes they deem suitable.

But, take a solid look at this time. Many are not focusing on work or the like… and they may be missing an important opportunity.

To think not about what this chunk of time could offer is a travesty. While you’re busy catching up on Duck Dynasty, there is another realtor, agent, broker, or someone else in the industry that is thinking at least for a little while about what happened this year and what will happen this year – and planning for it.

Often, “[m]ost people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” Bill Gates said that. Think about what you could do in a week when everyone else is hibernating. This week could be the step up that you need in order to run ahead of the competition.

How can you focus, though, when you’re supposed to be on vacation?

Well, do you have some downtime? Instead of turning on the TV while waiting for your significant other to get ready, simply take that time to reflect back on what’s happened and how you can do better. Write it down even on the nearby pad and paper on the hotel room nightstand. Even that simple step will put you above everyone in the industry. Continue this, and think of some actions or tactics, then you’re well on your way to being ahead of the game.

And don’t we all want 2017 to be a more fruitful year? 

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