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My rare Letter to the Editor supporting a local columnist’s recent encounter with a major credit card company was rejected!  Not for content or poor grammar, but because I did not include a phone number with my submission.  The columnist emailed me to acknowledge her appreciation for my support and to regretfully inform me that by the time I got my phone number to the editor, the window of effectiveness had passed, and my comments were RIP (rejected in paper).

My neighbor, who chastises me for still receiving daily front door paper delivery, chuckled for days that I spent so much time trying to get my thought in print (just the one thought) and that I do not participate in online blogs.  I finally discovered the world of online blogs, and I must say, that is a dimensional reading experience that very well may prevent mental dementia.  Blog reading takes a bit more planning than the common experience of newspaper reading, but I think I have mastered the 21st Century task.

Though not required, following a blog is best done after reading some type of article.  Blog responding does not require a current event connection.  In fact, bloggers often just blog, blog, blog over the simplest, misplaced detail of anything visual, audible, and occasionally, readable.  The mental gymnastics of flipping, scrolling, and deciphering the message/counter-message of their response is equivalent to marathon training (no insult meant to runners in training).  To be a serious blog reader, one must have some serious investment time.

Bloggers add to the read in a continuous, unlimited mode.

Occasionally, internet-available blog material has space for blogging responding, but no response is visible.  Does that mean one wasted their time reading the prior article?  Were the blog responses somehow removed before anyone could view them?  Do you ever want to be the first blog response to an article you were the only loser who read it?  Since my official blogger club card has not yet arrived in the mail, I am unclear to the official protocol of admitting I read something no else did and my response is totally for myself.  The blog peer pressure system is very sweat inducing.  At least with newspaper response your ignored effort can never be verified, and newspapers have multiple uses after the read, so your effort may not be appreciated, but it will never be wasted.

My virginal foray into blog reading unexpected occupied a full evening of screen time.  I know my television was on, but I have no idea what was featured and if I missed a serial cliffhanger or just heard a rerun of Modern Family.   The read innocently began with an internet article on the pros of luring Amazon.com to headquarter in our fair city.  I had no opinion on how close Amazon gets to my zip code since they seem to be boxed in front of doors all over town.  However, the readers of this article were exceptionally vocal about the pros and cons of a second Amazon headquarter location in a zip code near them.  Here are a few samples (Grammar, spelling and adjectives were altered to protect the future of writing):

“The big corporate scum coming to our city will not improve our workforce needs.  Menial, rote jobs, stressful hours are not what we need  . . . blah, blah, blah. . . ”

“I look forward to working with Amazon.  I want a job with above average pay, benefits, regular hours and a discount for in-house purchases.”  

“My Amazon Prime account is awesome.  Can I just pick up my order and not wait the 24 hours to get my merch?”

“I ordered a pair of shoes yesterday, but changed my mind on the color.  Can I reorder the same pair, in a different color, a half-size larger, and a different designer?”

“Why is the Rain Forest coming to our city?  We have a river here and a bunch of creeks already.  What happens if it floods? Which river will we save?  Why does a river need a prime?  I thought that was only for numbers?”

“Can you order shoes in prime number sizes?  I would hate to think a big company would come to town and discriminate against people with different sized feet . . . .” and the blogs continue.  I did my prime time blog time and need to rest my brain. 

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