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Associate's Spotlight: Wildcat Lending

A leading private money lender could be the answer for REALTORS® when they, or their investor clients, are looking for funds to purchase residential investment properties. Headquartered in Dallas, TX, Wildcat Lending offers quick financing with easy requirements compared to conventional lenders. Dallas and Houston comprise the majority of their loans but they are interested in diversifying their lending by expanding current activity into Austin, San Antonio, El Paso, Corpus Christi, Waco and other cities in the state of Texas.

The Management Team for Wildcat Lending consists of Kai B. Chandler, Owner/Chief Operating Officer; Jeremy Rehwald, Owner/Chief Financial Officer, Bryan Kaminski, Owner/Chief Executive Officer; and Kevin Shipman, Chief Lending Officer. Together, the Management Team has more than 50 years of combined experience in underwriting, originating and servicing residential loans and provides common sense underwriting and aggressive loan terms through seven dedicated full-time employees. They take a common-sense approach to every transaction and review and base decisions on whether their loans make sense to all parties involved. As evident in the following, there are a number of other things that set Wildcat Lending apart from the competition.

The Management Team has spent several years creating an infrastructure that can effectively service not only portfolio, hardware, software, personnel, legal and title aspects, but also the network of appraisers, inspectors, wholesalers, and borrowers.  They have a disciplined approach by concentrating on 1 - 4 family, non-owner occupied properties in and around major metropolitan areas in Texas, and seek strong investors with good assets to secure the loans. But they also maintain the flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions and have the ability, if necessary, to change product, terms, and approach, to remain ahead of other hard money lenders.

Selection of the right borrowers and the right properties to secure loans is essential to success, so Wildcat Lending uses hard data, technical analysis, and industry intelligence to accomplish these selections. The most common metric for the borrower is the assets/reserves, but the Management Team also underwrites the asset, the neighborhood and other factors which results in a better and more predicting loan performance. The loan to value ratio (LTV) is set at 70% of the After Repaired Value and Wildcat Lending’s average turn time is one week. Wildcat’s certainty of execution of our loans and processing the draw requirements in an efficient manner allows every borrower the opportunity to maximize profits.  

A majority of Wildcat borrowers are repeat customers or are referrals from previous customers which is due to the highly successful platform the company maintains. Their customer acquisition costs remain low as a significant number of their clients come from sources like social media, radio, SEO, trade shows, Brokers, Title Companies and REALTORS® like yourselves. Often other lenders that do not provide hard money will refer their clients to Wildcat due to their certainty of execution. To date, the company has exceeded a 45mm servicing portfolio with plenty of capacity to fund more transactions. They continue to outperform their competitors by being available and responsive, by closing transactions quickly, by offering great products and terms and by efficiently completing draw requests.

So, are you or your clients looking for a quality private lender who understands that each client is unique and that timing is everything? One that offers flexible down payment options, no income verification and 12% interest only payments for a 1-4 family property? Do you need to be able to work with just one contact and decision maker throughout the process, who can provide an average one-week turn-time? Then you most likely need the services of the fastest growing and best performing hard money lender in Texas. Wildcat Lending provides all that and more and welcomes applications for real estate loans, and remember, Wildcat consistently structures hard money loans around individual financial circumstances and they issue not only hard money loans, but also bridge loans, and other private capital loans.

For more information about loan specifics, you can email Info@WildCatLending.com or call (972) 525-4777. You may also reach Jeremy Rehwald at (972) 525-4777 ext. 2, Kai B. Chandler at (972) 525-4777 ext. 3 or Kevin Shipman at (972) 525-4777 ext. 6. So - Jump on board …... everyone else is!

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