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Associate's Spotlight: Movement Mortgage

A Movement of Change

Beginning with a team of only four, Movement Mortgage was created in 2008 during the major financial and real estate downturn that was occurring at that time, and despite that, they have continued to grow. Movement is now licensed in 49 states and has expanded operations to include more than 750 branches, employing more than 4000 people. With two branches currently located in San Antonio, Movement Mortgage is now the seventh-largest retail mortgage lender in the United States, having funded approximately $13 billion in residential mortgages in 2017 alone.

The company vision is to serve one out of every ten homebuyers in the United States by the year 2025, a feat to be accomplished by making Movement the mortgage bank of choice for every REALTOR® in every market where they are located. They are committed to being recognized as a “Movement of Change” within the mortgage industry, the communities they serve and in corporate cultures, and are focused on providing a unique, rewarding and effective experience for REALTORS®, homebuyers and employees, alike.

Many REALTORS® tend to look upon mortgage companies as pretty much all the same but if they are interested in getting the transaction accomplished much quicker and more efficiently they might just want to learn what Movement Mortgage has to offer them, and most especially, their clients. First, Movement provides in-house, upfront underwriting so when the REALTOR® takes a client out to look for their new home they are assured the client is fully qualified and know for how much. In every case, upfront underwriting will occur whether there is a contract or not.

Second, it is also important for REALTORS® to know that 85% of loans submitted through Movement are processed in seven business days so that the time from initial application to funding is approximately 18 days. Typically, the time from receipt of documents to funding usually occurs five days earlier than other lenders. And third, Movement Mortgage loans are truly table funded so REALTORS® that represent sellers can assure their clients that once all signatures are in place at the Title Company, nothing further is required and they will receive their funds, then and there.

Movement Mortgage does offer the usual array of mortgage products that include Conventional, FHA. VA. USDA, Down-payment assistance loans or those for targeted areas like HomePossible® and HomeReady® Jumbo loans and those for Condos, Renovations and Reverse Mortgages. But, in addition to just providing loan products, Movement believes in reinvesting and being a Movement of Change in the communities in which they exist. This is the reason they created the Movement Foundation with the goal of having a long-term impact upon the individual lives of those who are economically, spiritually, and socially underserved in their communities. Movement Mortgage re-invests into what matters most to them – people! In the coming years, their goal is to establish Movement Centers in the communities they serve as they identify other organizations active and successful in providing help to their targeted populations and invite them to establish headquarters in what would be a one-stop Center for most needs.

Movement Mortgage continues to look for new ways to be a Movement of Change in the corporate culture too. They love and value their employees as individuals and want them to excel not only in the workplace but also want them to be healthier family members at home.  offers programs and initiatives throughout the year, including a Matched Giving arrangement where the Foundation matches employee donations to outreach ventures, and they continue to create an atmosphere where people can use all their God-given talents, gifts, and abilities to their fullest. With continued growth in mind, Movement Mortgage welcomes those in the financial industry to come and explore the benefits of joining the current Movement team. Local branches of Movement Mortgage are located at 1826 Loop 1604 (Ste 175) and   7701 Broadway St (Ste 111). Contact Roy Richard at roy.richard@movement.com or call 210-862-5596 or for more information.

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