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SABOR Announces 2018 Real Estate Award Winners

Associate's Spotlight: Hollywood Crawford Garage Doors

As all REALTORS® know, eye-catching garage doors greatly enhance the curb appeal of any property and they will often recommend to their sellers that older, worn out garage doors be replaced.

Kick Off 2019 at SABOR’s Housing Forecast

This year’s Housing Forecast is on Thursday, January 3, 2019, at La Cantera Resort and Spa located at 16641 La Cantera Pkwy. The 2018 housing market was one of the busiest we’ve had, and 2019 looks to be shaping up the same. Prepare for the coming year by attending the premier housing event in the San Antonio and surrounding areas. Expert speakers, exclusive information and exciting presentations are just some of the reasons to be there.

RIP Landlines

The approach to pondering New Year’s Resolutions is a mere 31 days ahead. As I debate the need to resolve useless commitments in the coming year, I decided to be decisive and commit to something I would be accountable to complete. Time has come to join the 21st Century and cease the endless harassment of my choice of telecommunication, and just like that, my landline is history. While this may not be such a big deal to most, I am still in mourning.

Associate's Spotlight: Capital Title

Owned by Bill Shaddock and headquartered in Plano Texas, Capital Title of Texas is the now largest independent title company in the United States. Shaddock began his career in the title business in 1987 as a fee attorney, essentially working from a single office as a one-man title closing operation. Over the following fifteen years, this network grew to 25 offices operating as American Title in Dallas, Commonwealth Title in Fort Worth and First American Title in Houston.

Medical Marijuana and Texas: How Will It Affect Us?

Welcome to the holiday seasons. Halloween has just passed, the Day of the Dead rears her skeletal head today, and the grand traditions of Thankless-giving and the various seasonal December family rumbles are soon to be decorating our doors. The older we get and more our ‘immediate’ families expand and blend, the more we need a coping mechanism to remain jovial, jolly and joyful.

Why You Should Vote in the 2018 Midterm Elections

The general election is coming up on November 6th. As a San Antonio resident and REALTOR® it is crucial that you take the time to head to the polls. This election will cover important issues that will affect San Antonio REALTORS®.

Associate's Spotlight: Independence Title

In 2005 Jay Southworth and Brian Pitman left their respective positions as presidents of major title companies in Austin to create what is known today as Independence Title Company (ITC). The founders had as their goal to establish a locally owned company that would provide personalized service, innovative resources and quick answers to their client's questions. Since its founding, ITC has experienced major growth and continues to expand its footprint throughout Texas to include more than 70 closing offices and direct licensing in more than 32 counties throughout the state.

Associate's Spotlight: Perry Homes

As REALTORS® it is important for us to help our clients find the right builder when they prefer to buy a new home or to have their dream home built from the ground up, and that means we have to first know about the builder and what they can do to help our clients. We must be sure that the builder has a solid building “track record,” has proven to be dependable, and comes highly recommended by previous customers. Perry Homes can definitely fit that profile and readily welcomes REALTORS® as their partners.

Remember, Remember November Forever

November is here and with it comes quite a variety of commemorations and celebrations that start at the beginning of the month with a period known as Allhallowtide and come to an end later in the month when we celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday. Allhallowtide occurs between October 31st and November 2nd and is thought to be a period in which the boundary between our world of the living and that of the otherworld is thought to be at its “thinnest” bringing us closer to those who have gone on before us and is considered the appropriate time to honor our dead. Locally, and in many cases worldwide, people commemorate All Saints Day, All Souls Day and/or Día De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

How the TLRP Class Will Benefit You in Real Estate

If you are a graduate of the Texas REALTORS® Leadership Program (TRLP), then you know what a meaningful and powerful experience it is and how it can propel your career to the next level. For those who have yet to participate in this elite training program, consider applying for the 2019 class.

Associate's Spolight: RE Johnson and Associates

Be a leader in the real world with tactile objects that are sure to have others remember your name.

Petiquette Peeves: The Importance of Time Management and Respect

It is not uncommon for those of the Baby-Boomer or Silent Generations to frown upon people’s bad behavior, but it would seem that most of us now have, regardless of age, some pet peeves (which do not generally refer to four-legged, maybe furry animals) in common as they relate to people’s lack of manners. We are, after all, business people, and at times how we behave in our daily activities can be construed by those with whom we interact, to reflect our business acumen so it is wise to pay attention. Most of our pet peeves can be classified under respect for others, or lack thereof.

How REALTORs Can Use Affiliations To Their Advantage

As REALTORS® and Affiliates we recognize that we work within one of the most active industries in Texas, and in the best real estate market in the country, but perhaps we do not take full advantage of all that is so readily available to us. We work hard to ensure that our seller client gets the best price possible for their home when they sell and that our buyer client gets the home that meets their needs for the best possible value. And we frequently encounter investors anxious to find properties that will not only allow them to earn some extra money but could also offer them an opportunity to help people facing distressful situations.

Hill Country WCR: Updates from the Hills

It’s been a hot summer and Women’s Council Hill Country has had a couple of ‘hot’ events in August and September with more coming up in October, November, and December!

PARAPROSDOKIAN: Its Unique Influence in English

Today it would seem that few people place as much importance on the correct usage of the English language as they once did in the “good ole days”. As we’ve noted in past articles many people, when posting on the various forms of social media, frequently misuse words, such as using loose instead of lose; using there instead of their or they’re and using it’s when its would be the correct word to express the possessive. Unfortunately, these inconsistencies may also crop up in our business writing which has a tendency to put us in a bad light before those whom we are trying to impress.

Why Use THESE Names?

My friends and I had a running joke for many years. We wondered what would happen if you taught a small child the wrong words for things. It was mostly a mind game for us rearranging words and assigning nouns new identities and then attempting to have a conversation using the new terms. We were never successful re-assembling the traditional use of the English language, but we shared many an adult beverage in our creative attempts. As with all long-winded stories I share, these activities began long before the creation of the internet.

Why AI Can't Replace Everything

AI has solved many issues that would not have propelled us forward into the future. However, AI can't solve every problem we have -- at least not yet.

How To Get Into Real Estate Investing

Here's a short introduction for how to get involved in the real estate investment scene in San Antonio.

WCRSA Reached Mega Network Status

WCRSA reaches new heights in the latest designation of Mega Network.
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