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Associate's Spolight Part 2: Bobbie Washington of Lennar Homes

Associate's Spotlight: OVM Financial

OVM Financial, the newest kid on the San Antonio Real Estate block, is redefining the way lending is into what it should be for everyone.

VAREP SA Donates Mortgage Free Home to Veteran Family

VAREP SA gives one fellow veteran a dream come true: a roof over their heads in thanks for their service to this country.

And What Is So Rare About a Day in June?

June is full of history, ranging from antiquity to modern day. From the history of Flag Day to Juno's presiding over the myriad weddings occurring this month, June promises more than summer and flowers.

Phone "Compromization"

With the phasing out of landlines and the assimilation of cellular tech, there can be advantages for the "old guards" of communications.

Associate's Spotlight: Topaz Cleaning and Restoration

We would all like to be able to keep our homes looking beautiful, but it is true that sooner or later a house will require considerably more effort than just the usual cleaning measures routinely used for its upkeep. As homes age, we find that sometimes the carpets and drapes need more than just a regular day to day vacuuming and, some of the other floor surfaces in the home may no longer have that “nearly new” appearance that was once so easy to manage by just mopping and perhaps some waxing.

NARPM and SAMAC Bloom in Spring

At our bi-monthly chapter meeting held in March, our 2018 national NARPM president and local SAMAC member, Brian Birdy presented "How to Grow Your Property Management Company NOW!". In this presentation, he discussed valuable steps that anyone can take to grow their property management business. Specific areas discussed were the importance of education, staffing, referrals, facilities, technology, advertising/marketing, networking, and, of course, the importance of being involved in NARPM.

What TREPAC Can Do For You

As Texas REALTORS® TREPAC is extremely important to your profession. TREPAC is the Texas Association of REALTORS® Political Action Committee and it’s committed to protecting the rights of property owners as well as the real estate profession.

A Healthy Start To The Year

The first quarter of 2018 has come to an end and with it our very successful Wellness Series of programs and events which offered some great ideas for our members to implement in their personal and professional lives. The response to this series has been tremendous, resulting in increased membership and has brought us some great new Strategic Partnerships. This support will allow us to bring our members a more enhanced program series.

How To Prepare for Any Emergency Situation

While the most recent emergency situations may be but a distant memory for those who were not affected by the hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and fires that have ravaged our country in the past year, there are many folks who remember all too well what it means to not be, at least minimally, prepared for any possible emergency. It could, therefore, behove all of us to determine what might be necessary to preserve life and limb, and to start collecting the items that could prove to be so important should similar unthinkable things befall us.

How To Make A Good Introduction for Work in Real Estate

It has probably happened to you at one time or another that, when you were with a friend who met someone they knew (but that you didn’t), they began to carry on a conversation with them as if you were not present. Your friend may just have avoided making introductions because they were unsure of how it is done properly.

8 Things to Know About Equal Opportunity Housing

​​Where a person lives can directly impact their lives, affecting their education, health and economic opportunities. Discriminatory practices in housing can lead to segregation in communities and have a lasting impact on quality of life for those discriminated against.

Prices Continue Year-Over-Year Increases for Early 2018

Buyers continued to find properties to call home in February with the month reporting a three percent year-over-year increase in sales for a total of 2,012 homes sold, according to the Multiple Listing Service Report from the San Antonio Board of REALTORS® (SABOR) which reports on all areas contained within the MLS. Meanwhile, the average and median sales prices each climbed six percent from last year, with a median sales price of $215,100 and an average of $247,307.

You Can’t Live Here: The Enduring Impacts of Restrictive Covenants

The 50th anniversary of the Fair Housing Act represents an opportunity to remind ourselves not only of the importance of the law in shaping the real estate landscape today, but also to look back on what the situation was like before it was enacted, when the process of buying or renting a home was decidedly unfair for millions of Americans.

Tech Unbuttoning

Through a series of unplanned events, I purchased a new vehicle, new washing machine and new dryer in the span of three weeks. My only saving grace was the hesitation to purchase a new phone. Three new techie items in three consecutive weeks are not a good equation in the learning curve factoring in five decades on earth. Silly me, I assumed turnkey purchases were just that—turn a key (or knob) and get on with your business.

Are We Being Watched?

You can be certain of that, but when did it all begin? It would seem that mass surveillance in our country goes back as far as World War I when it was common for all international communications, those from, to, or any that passed through the United States (US) were read and censored when it was thought necessary to gain information and, of course, for security reasons.

The Great Programs Sustain New High for WCR

We began February with an incredibly insightful state meeting in Austin starting with a dinner gathering where the speaker, Tracy Blackwell, discussed how to make the executive line more cohesive and after we all took the DISC profile test we had a better understanding of the different levels of thinking within our group.

What The New TREC Advertising Rules Mean For Your Ads

Updates to the Texas Real Estate Commission’s advertising rules go into effect May 15th and have been made in an attempt to reduce misleading advertisements and ensure consumers know with whom they are working.

Minding Your Manners in Real Estate

or the past couple of years business in the real estate industry has been exceptional and that has not gone unnoticed by many folks, both young and old, who have chosen to enter a field they perceive to be a great way to make money. After completing all their courses and then hopefully passing the licensing exam the new agent is ready to find a sponsoring broker. They have usually been provided a list of questions to ask when they “interview” several brokers, as they have been advised to do, to ensure they find the right fit for their needs. Since the broker will ultimately be responsible for how the agent performs their real estate activities it behoves the broker to ask the prospective agent a few pertinent questions of their own before agreeing to become the sponsoring broker.

Do You Know What Motivates You?

Have you ever been asked what motivates you? In most cases it would be a nice thing to have enough time to think of a good response that, first, actually reflects what you think, but secondly, will hopefully put you in a good light with the questioner.
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