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PARAPROSDOKIAN: Its Unique Influence in English

Today it would seem that few people place as much importance on the correct usage of the English language as they once did in the “good ole days”. As we’ve noted in past articles many people, when posting on the various forms of social media, frequently misuse words, such as using loose instead of lose; using there instead of their or they’re and using it’s when its would be the correct word to express the possessive. Unfortunately, these inconsistencies may also crop up in our business writing which has a tendency to put us in a bad light before those whom we are trying to impress.

Why Use THESE Names?

My friends and I had a running joke for many years. We wondered what would happen if you taught a small child the wrong words for things. It was mostly a mind game for us rearranging words and assigning nouns new identities and then attempting to have a conversation using the new terms. We were never successful re-assembling the traditional use of the English language, but we shared many an adult beverage in our creative attempts. As with all long-winded stories I share, these activities began long before the creation of the internet.

Why AI Can't Replace Everything

AI has solved many issues that would not have propelled us forward into the future. However, AI can't solve every problem we have -- at least not yet.

How To Get Into Real Estate Investing

Here's a short introduction for how to get involved in the real estate investment scene in San Antonio.

WCRSA Reached Mega Network Status

WCRSA reaches new heights in the latest designation of Mega Network.

SABOR Adds Direct Lines to Member Care, REALTOR Academy

SABOR changes their contact information to enhance user experience.

Old Republic Title Acquires Trinity Title, SA Division

Old Republic Title acquires the long-standing Trinity Title of Texas in a business merger.

The Origins of Communication

Most of us have seen movies depicting prehistoric times where it was suggested that the language of the caveman consisted of hand gestures along with a variety of grunting sounds. If those were in fact the realities of the time then, is it not interesting to wonder how we have evolved from that mode of communication to the relatively elaborate system of word formation and associated grammatical rules in place today? Unfortunately, we are not certain about when language was first used but estimates range from the time of Homo habilis 2,000,000 years ago, to the time of Cro-Magnon man around 30,000 years ago.

WCR SA Spells Out Success

Women’s Council of REALTORS®, Austin, Hill Country and San Antonio had a joint event on June 19, 2018, at Seekatz Opera House in New Braunfels focusing on the best selling book “The Five Second Rule” by Mel Robbins. The discussion was moderated by Tona Restine by Life Imagined. We had over 80 people in attendance and served a delicious breakfast! The three Networks worked beautifully together to make this event a success!

Talking Trash: The Impacts of Modern Waste Handling

These are trying political times of grown-ups losing their cool factor and trash-talking one another over the silliest of topics. This piece is not about that. This is about actual trash; garbage; refuse; rubbish; waste or whatever your point of reference might declare. In my creative teenage years, when I worried about the state of the earth, I attempted to decipher how much garbage it would take to create enough trash to alter the rotation of the world.

Associate's Spotlight II: Barton Carpets

Let’s face it, not every REALTOR® has only wealthy clients looking for sparkling new houses with pristine wood flooring, gorgeous designer carpeting, and imported tiles. And, as any REALTOR® will tell you, some houses they list do have worn-out, stained or smelly carpeting, banged up wood and ceramic flooring or extremely dated floors that are automatic deal killers for potential home buyers.

Associate's Spotlight: Movement Mortgage

Beginning with a team of only four, Movement Mortgage was created in 2008 during the major financial and real estate downturn that was occurring at that time, and despite that, they have continued to grow. Movement is now licensed in 49 states and has expanded operations to include more than 750 branches, employing more than 4000 people. With two branches currently located in San Antonio, Movement Mortgage is now the seventh-largest retail mortgage lender in the United States, having funded approximately $13 billion in residential mortgages in 2017 alone.

What You Need To Know About Fair Housing and Advertising

Under the Fair Housing Laws of the State of Texas and the Federal Government, it is well settled that no one is allowed to discriminate when advertising property that is for rent or purchase. This applies regardless of whether you are licensed to sell real estate or are a private citizen. There are no exceptions to this rule. See Section 301.041(a)(1)(B) of the Texas Fair Housing Act and Section 42 U.S. Code § 3604 (c). To say otherwise is a misstatement of the law.

Why Being Culturally Sensitive is Important

The Real Story Behind the Beloved Book, "Boys of Summer".

"The Boys of Summer", a beloved book about baseball, has more hiding in its history than what is written between the pages.

Lennar and South Star Donate Home to Retired Veteran

Two of our own veterans received the high honor of being bestowed a mortgage-free home, courtesy of Operation Finally Home.

Associate's Spotlight: Esperanza Homes

This issue's Associate's Spotlight is on one of the premier home builder in Texas: Esperanza Homes!

Looking To Change Your Life? Look in the Mirror

WCR San Antonio is always looking for ways to help out their fellow real estate professionals. Have you been keeping up with them? Wait until you see what they got next.

Why You Need To Use The REALTOR Logo Properly

There have been some special notes made about how and when someone can use the REALTOR logo and when not to. SABOR will walk you through what to do and what to avoid.


Technology and its continual updates can be hard to stay in the know. But in this story straight from Cathey Meyer, it's easy to see the comedy in learning today's technology.
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