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Associate's Spotlight: Alamo Zippy Shell

In late 2014, South African native Charles Bamford introduced to the area Zippy Shell: a portable storage and moving solution with applications ranging from short term storage, extended period storage, and interstate relocations.

How to Understand Your Property Taxes

Many property owners had the same experience this year: they paid a lot more in property taxes than they did the year before. Appraisal values are up throughout the state, and Texans are reeling at the rapid increases. As a result, property owners recently testified to the Texas Senate that they’re paying as much as 10-15 percent of their annual income in property taxes. In fact, values are so high that Bexar County “cut” its tax rate while still collecting $23 million more this year than last.

The Importance of Charity: WCR SA's Current Actions

This is a call to action! Whether you're in real estate or not, the importance of solidarity and charity mark San Antonio as being one of the friendliest cities in the nation -- and for good reason. Read up on the happenings of your SA WCR.

Associate's Spotlight: Matlock Homes

At the beginning of this year, Matlock Homes started building in the San Antonio area, but that does not mean they are new to building. Owner David Matlock has an extensive history within the building industry, a great deal of which was spent in San Antonio and surrounding cities. Matlock Homes can now be found in three great communities with more on the horizon.

Happy 100th Birthday, REALTOR!

Real estate agent Charles Chadbourn first coined the term “REALTOR®” in 1915. A past president of the Minneapolis Real Estate Board, Chadbourn wanted to create a term that would distinguish those who were members of the real estate association from others working in the industry. He came to this conclusion after reading a local news story with the headline “Real Estate Man Swindles Widow”. The man in question was actually not a member of the real estate board but rather someone who worked in financials in a real estate office. This confusion only solidified Chadbourn’s charge to set apart members of the association as the professionals who are reliable and held to a higher standard.

(S)Heroes' Welcome Home

Our 2016 Heroes Welcome Home program will be different from the programs in the previous years with new speakers and information. SABOR members will learn what makes VA loans different from other loans from a panel of experienced VA loan lenders.

Over-connected, Over-wired, Under-supplied

Last month Apple provided a sneak peak at the Tech God’s newest design. The fashion forward geek dressers have noticed the fashion statement of tangled wires weaving from the inner ear, creeping behind one’s neck and dangling down the greater chest area is not the best accessory to show off the latest designer fashion wear.

Uphold Your Oath: Things You Should Be Doing

With a market as hot as ours is, it can be tempting to sacrifice service to get the job done quickly and move to the next client. But of course REALTORS® have pledged to uphold the highest standard of service to their clients through the Code of Ethics. That means being more than just a salesperson and treating all parties with honesty and competence.

Should We Be Concerned?

It seems as though through the past almost 100 years the money market in the housing industry has been fluctuating -- to say the least. How will it change in the future? Is there another bailout on the horizon?

Elements, Elections, and Experience: San Antonio's WCR Future

With already so much that has passed, what else is WCR San Antonio up to in these last few months of the year.
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    Brought to you by Coldwell Banker D'Ann Harper REALTORS,of Stone Oak, The 4th Annual Company Wide Chili Cook Off will this year be on...

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